Archive | April, 2011

Psychotherapy Isn’t Just About Finding Solutions

There is a solution center on my computer that pops up to offer solutions to problems that occur with the computer. More often than not, the solutions center doesn’t have any solutions. Nevertheless, it is always fascinating to me that the Microsoft inventors came up with this tool. And it reminds me of just how […]

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Psychotherapy: The Quest for Meaning

It is my view that psychotherapy is fundamentally about the search for meaning. There are some qualities of human experience that truly define us, that make us human. We are inherently social creatures – we live and grow among others and our growth throughout the lifespan is contingent on human interaction. Our intelligence, the size […]

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It’s Not According to the Golden Rule

April 04, 2011 My clients, particularly the couples I work with, are often surprised when I speak about the Golden Rule. I will often say – with apologies to anyone whose religious convictions may be upset by what I am about to say – that it is not living according to the Golden Rule that […]

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