Archive | August, 2009

A Little Discomfort Can Go A Long Way

It is typical for me when talking to a potential client to suggest that we meet for an initial session. This is an opportunity when I can learn more about the person’s issues and the degree to which I can help. It’s an opportunity for that person to get a sense of me and see […]

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Chicken and the Egg: Couples Therapy

We are all familiar with the saying about the chicken or the egg. The saying implies that it is sometimes difficult to see cause and effect. This is especially true when dealing with human feelings and relationships. This difficulty often comes up when talking about disturbing patterns in a couple’s relationship. One person in a […]

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Using Insurance for Psychotherapy

I am on a number of insurance panels and a number of my clients use their insurance to cover the costs of psychotherapy. I’m happy to provide this option to my clients. In this way, many who perhaps could not afford the cost of weekly appointments are able to do so. In these situations, clients […]

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