Archive | March, 2012

The Relationship Crucible

There was a wonderful article recently in the New York Times, by a wonderful and favorite writer of mine, Diane Ackerman, that talks about how science has proved what psychotherapy has known for some time now: change takes place through relationship. Citing the new field of interpersonal neurobiology, Ms. Ackerman, in her piece called “The […]

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Flip Flopping Towards Health

Much can be known about the American psyche from even a casual glance at American politics. My focus here is to address the psyche and not the politics of the politicians. Take what happened yesterday. A spokesman for the Romney campaign said some things about hitting the “reset button” when the general election campaign begins […]

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Some More Thoughts About Feelings (Intuition)

Earlier I wrote about the more conventional understanding of feeling: as an emotion that one experiences or perhaps one defends against experiencing. There are some other ways, however, that we use the term “feeling.” There is another type of feeling, what is commonly referred to as a kind of knowing in one’s core or “gut.” […]

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