Archive | April, 2010

More Thoughts on Memory

Last week I wrote about psychotherapy as a process of memory – the act of remembering what is painful but which has gone unremembered and thus remains lodged in the body. Some more thoughts about memory. As I mentioned last week, Freud’s patients presented with mysterious illnesses and disabilities for which no organic cause could […]

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Psychotherapy: Healing Through Memory

Over a hundred year ago, one of the astonishing discoveries that Freud made was that through the act of psychotherapy a person heals through memory. Freud, working with patients with physical symptoms for which no organic cause could be found, discovered that these symptoms were the stored up effects of emotional and psychological trauma. His […]

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Buddhism & Psychotherapy: The Experience of Mystery

Last night there was an interesting program on PBS that explored the life and teaching of the Buddha. Among the many points of interest expressed, one really sticks out in my mind. And that is the point that Buddhism becomes a vehicle for the practitioner to experience the miraculous in the everyday life. Through the […]

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