Good news

A Little Good News

Given that there seems to be a daily deluge of really terrible, disturbing news, especially emanating from the White House, it might be a psychological imperative that we focus on some good news when it is available.

The bad news this week: Trump’s actions to roll back more Obama-era environmental safeguards, such as the Clean Water protections.  And in recent weeks, threats to endangered species.

With this in mind, it is heartening to read about the 145 CEO’s of major American corporations who sent the Trump administration a letter advocating immediate gun control legislation.  To see our business leaders take this position, reflective of the majority of American people, is to feel some solace where there is little found, especially given the gun crisis in this country and the heart-breaking loss of innocent life that happens every day.

I believe that we are all suffering from the general malady of the environment.  Symptoms of that disease include the erosion of civil discourse in our society.  We are all ill in that sense, though many of us, such as people of color and immigrants are more vulnerable, and many psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety that many people bring to psychotherapy treatment, are at least contributed to by the overall sickness of the planet.

Maybe a little good news won’t cure these ailments, but it’s good medicine nonetheless.  And making good news oneself, even in small ways, is commendable in such times.

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