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Addiction (Part II): Coping Strategy

Through the use of these habitual behaviors, a person endeavors to cope with something troubling in his or her life. At the heart of the behavior, then, is the intent to cope. But cope with what? Through psychotherapy we make this inquiry, and often what we discover is that the addictive behavior is an attempt […]

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Talking Together in the Age of Technology

A recent New York Times article (“Quality Time, Redefined”) takes a close look at what is happening inside the American living room during this age of rampant technological development. As the article puts it: “One family. One room. Four screens. Four realities, basically.” Given the proliferation and accessibility of communication devices (the laptop, smart phone, […]

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Addiction (Part I)

These days I work a lot with clients coming to psychotherapy with issues related to addiction. These people are often struggling with dependence on alcohol, marijuana, pornography, sex, food and other habitual behaviors. They often feel stuck with these behaviors and may have made attempts to stop that failed in the past. Sometimes, these behaviors […]

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