Consultation and Supervision

For many years now, I have been working with pre-licensed and licensed clinicians to further their clinical skills, deepen their work, and get help thinking about their clients.

I bring my interest in psychoanalytic theory, particularly contemporary relational thinking, and over two decades of experience doing psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis into our work.  We pay particular attention to identifying influences – those from the past (particularly early childhood) and present; those that are conscious and what remains unconscious; intrapsychic and sociopolitical – that impact the client and the therapist-client dyad.

Given the focus on relationship, we also pay attention to what unfolds between us.  I am very open to feedback and view the consultative process as mutual.  I possess no special knowledge about the “right way” to do things nor interest in you doing therapy as I do.  Rather, it is my hope that our conversation helps you better understand your clients and how to help them.

Human beings are complicated and helping others no easy task.  In this regard, two minds (thinking together) are better than one.