Archive | December, 2008

Just Breathe

One more word about techniques for helping to reduce stress during these tense, economically challenging times. Breathe. Take time to consciously breathe in and out. Research has shown that breathing is an excellent stress buster. In fact, it seems that breathing and stress cannot co-exist: during that moment, when you inhale, the stress is gone. […]

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Stress Management During These Unpredictable Times

I have been wanting to write something about the harsh economic times that we are all experiencing. It’s a very scary time. But I didn’t know where to quite begin. Recently someone asked me for some tips on reducing stress, particularly stress caused by these unpredictable and anxiety-causing economic realities. So I’ve put together this […]

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I have been meaning to write something about the difficult times that so many people are experiencing now in so many ways. Jobs lost, tighter budgets, a thick cloud of uncertainty. But before doing that, a word about thanksgiving and gratitude. I’m writing this a few days after Thanksgiving holiday with the intention of stretching […]

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