Couples Under Stress

It is an incredibly stressful time now as we face the perils of the virus and have to endure extreme measures, such as this prolonged isolation, to fight it.  Everyone is feeling it, especially couples.  In the last couple of weeks, I have had a number of calls from couples saying pretty much the same thing: this stress is amplifying issues that have been there in the couple’s relationship.  And the challenge of living almost completely 24/7 with one another is resulting in an increase of arguments, particularly about small things.

I thought it would be helpful to draw people’s attention to an interview with Esther Perel, a renown psychotherapist specializing in couples’ relationships.  She has a lot of insight and some good advice for this difficult time.

If you are experiencing issues emerging in your relationship, now might be a good time to reach out for couples’ therapy.  I am, as are many therapists, seeing couples (as well as individuals) via telemedicine, particularly video with couples, during this time of shelter-in-place.

Be well.

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