Archive | April, 2012

What We Talk About When We Talk Across Cyberspace: How We Relate in the Age of the Internet

There is perhaps nothing that can be said about modern life more true than observing the ubiquity of the internet. It is indeed everywhere. People now meet through the internet for purposes of casual acquaintance, sexual encounters, and potential long-lasting relationships. People plan their travel online (does anyone remember travel agents?). People bank. People read. […]

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Musings on the Mind at Play

The other day I heard the neuroscientist Stuart Firestein on Forum echoing the philosophy of Socrates. Mr. Firestein, the author of a new book called “Ignorance,’ argued that science is less about an accumulation of facts and more about embracing what we don’t know. He was talking about maintaining a view that the more one […]

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Corrective Emotional Experience, Plus

Writing in 1946, Franz Alexander coined the term “corrective emotional experience” to describe what he thought of as the key aspect of psychotherapy treatment. In his work, he expanded on Freud’s discoveries of half a century earlier. Freud maintained that people in a sense forget their traumatic experiences by repressing the memory of those experiences. […]

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