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About Me

I am in the process of revising my website. One page that I will be adding is an introduction to myself so that prospective clients can begin to get a sense of me. I thought I’d share what I have written to date of that intro: The psychotherapeutic process is an extremely personal one. At […]

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Group Therapy

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (“No Joke: Group Therapy Offers Savings in Numbers,” March 24, 2009, by Kevin Helliker) indicates that, given our economically challenging times, more people are turning to group therapy, some for the first time. The article correctly points out that group therapy is less expensive, “at least 50% […]

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I don’t believe in laziness. I don’t believe that it exists. And my clients know this. Quite often it comes up: we are talking about why a client doesn’t do something beneficial for him or herself, or why he or she is procrastinating about something, and the client will say “I’m lazy.” And I will […]

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