Effective Marriage and Relationship Counseling in San Francisco

A large portion of my psychotherapy practice involves working with couples (both straight and gay) to resolve problems in their relationship and foster greater intimacy. I truly love this work. Couples saving a marriage or relationship or those seeking an amicable dissolution will find me unbiased in my attitude towards each person and an active participant. By providing perspective, I strive to illuminate dynamics in the relationship and then to help bring about desired changes. The foundation of this work involves improving communication. I help couples hear each other empathically, while also asserting their needs and expressing their feelings in a way that can be heard by the other person.

Relationship counseling involves focusing on both individual and couples’ issues. Through this work, couples often come to see and have the opportunity to heal individual longstanding issues. During this hour of therapy, couples communicate with one another in more honest and heart-felt ways and develop the skills to continue relating intimately.

A couple I saw, who had been together for many years, were arguing a lot. Often they debated who was right or wrong, who said this or that.

This couple learned how to talk, really talk, to one another. And to listen. They were able to relate honestly and emotionally and they had more fun together than they had for years.

Areas of Interest in Relationship Counseling:

  • Open and empathic communication
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Trust issues and repairing trust when it has been broken
  • Sexual issues and sexual intimacy
  • Child rearing

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