Archive | November, 2009

The Practice of Gratitude

On this Thanksgiving day, it seems appropriate to say a word about gratitude. It’s true that most people come into therapy because of some distressing issues. And much of the work of psychotherapy is to talk about those issues and express one’s feelings. Although this can be a painful process, hopefully the end result is […]

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Busy Busy Busy Busy (Psychotherapy)

Does this seem familiar? In the course of a normal day, you check your work email and your box is full of messages, some urgent. You check your personal email, perhaps you have more than 1 account, and there are many people awaiting replies from you. You have one phone, sometimes two, dangling from your […]

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Problems of Living

People come into therapy for various reasons. There are some people who have what are diagnosable mental disorders. People with severe depression (known as Major Depressive Disorder), Bipolar Disorder, and eating disorders suffer from such mental illnesses. Usually treatment for these clients requires a combination of psychotherapy and medication management. While these disorders are serious […]

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