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Remembering Charlottesville, One Year Later

On this one-year marking of the horror of Charlottesville and the unacceptable response of the President equivocating and equating people espousing vile beliefs and ideology of hatred with those marching against evil, I’m reading Toni Morrison. Perhaps our, and I mean America’s, most ardent and eloquent voice for the dignity of all humans, Morrison published […]

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Sameness as a Symptom

I recently had such a puzzling experience.  A prospective client called and left a voice message canceling an initial appointment we had because she had read some of my blog postings and saw that we have different political opinions.  I found myself thoroughly perplexed: Why would someone not go to a therapist who had differing […]

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Help on the Way

Perhaps it might be true to say that at its core psychotherapy provides an environment for change through the experience of recognizing that there is help out there.  That might be the best synonym for psychotherapy: help on the way.  Often people who come to therapy come from histories where that was not the case.  […]

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Mental Health Practitioners’ Petition Regarding the Current Political Climate

“We are experienced mental health clinicians whose expertise spans various disciplines: psychoanalysis, psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work and psychiatry. As psychotherapists we have privileged access to people’s inner worlds, including anxieties and other forms of distress they may keep hidden from others. We are deeply concerned by our observations that the erratic, negative […]

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Thanksgiving Day, 2016

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m thinking of so many people in the country living in heightened fear as an aftermath of the recent election.  People who have come to this country to escape atrocities in their home countries, or who have come seeking more opportunity for themselves and their families. People of color now fearing […]

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The Aftermath

In the wake of the recent election, what one commentator called a “traumatic election,” many people, myself and many of my patients included, are reeling with an array of troubling feelings.  As the shock of a “President Trump” fades, we are left with disturbing fears, feelings of anger, rage and at times despair.  People are […]

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A Few Words About Insurance

A recent KQED Forum program addressed in some complexity issues pertaining to access to mental health treatment.  The program, “Despite Laws to Increase Access, Many Californians Struggle to Find Mental Health Services,” addresses problems of access for consumers and difficulties providers face who accept insurance for their services.  Given this informative and insightful program, I’m […]

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What It Means to be Human

It is a joy to be hidden, and a disaster not to be found. ― D.W. Winnicott I absolutely love the above quotation from one of the most influential people of the last century.  Winnicott was a psychoanalyst and a pediatrician whose work with children informed his thinking.  Contained in so few words is something […]

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