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Something Positive

We are all in desperate need of some positive experience these days. Many are finding those experiences in nature, long walks and hikes. Others connecting to friends, family. Well here’s a piece of entertainment, art really, music, that I think is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. And at least for a few […]

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Pandemic Fog

Many people these days are complaining of exhaustion and the inability to concentrate or think clearly.  There is a phrase for it: “Pandemic fog.”  Of course, it is an extremely stressful time with uncertainty about nearly everything and a constant sense of threat.  An article I recently saw and will include here gives some explanation […]

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Couples Under Stress

It is an incredibly stressful time now as we face the perils of the virus and have to endure extreme measures, such as this prolonged isolation, to fight it.  Everyone is feeling it, especially couples.  In the last couple of weeks, I have had a number of calls from couples saying pretty much the same […]

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The Usefulness of Anxiety

I want to draw people’s attention to an article in the SF Chronicle by a local psychologist and faculty member at UCSF that distinguishes between anxiety and panic. Elissa Epel makes the point that anxiety can motivate us to be prudent, to take useful measures during this time of crisis. Panic, on the other hand, […]

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grief flower

We are all Grieving Now

I’d like to draw people’s attention to a video Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by well-known psychotherapist Esther Perel on the current pandemic and the grief that we all feel. She has some helpful suggestions about how to get through, how to continue to live even in the face of this collective trauma. […]

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grief 2

The Pandemic and Grief, Part 2

My mind is turning towards the grief that I believe we are all feeling now.  Of course, for some it is more immediate as family members, friends and loved ones mourn some of the over 20,000 Americans and scores more of people worldwide who have died from this disease.  All of us are touched.  And […]

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The Pandemic and Grief

I wanted to draw people’s attention to a very helpful article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review about a predominant feeling that people are experiencing these days as we go through this crisis.  Grief.  While all of us have our coping strategies and skills to deal with what is happening, we are all affected.  […]

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Mental health

Mental Health in the time of Coronavirus

There is a lot of information circling now regarding the pandemic.  I don’t intend to add to the sometimes flood of information.  However, I thought I would just write briefly about ways of safeguarding mental health during this crisis.  Many, including those of us in the SF Bay Area, are now following stay-in-place orders from […]

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Remembering Charlottesville, One Year Later

On this one-year marking of the horror of Charlottesville and the unacceptable response of the President equivocating and equating people espousing vile beliefs and ideology of hatred with those marching against evil, I’m reading Toni Morrison. Perhaps our, and I mean America’s, most ardent and eloquent voice for the dignity of all humans, Morrison published […]

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Sameness as a Symptom

I recently had such a puzzling experience.  A prospective client called and left a voice message canceling an initial appointment we had because she had read some of my blog postings and saw that we have different political opinions.  I found myself thoroughly perplexed: Why would someone not go to a therapist who had differing […]

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