There are many times when I am just amazed by what we do – my clients and me.  What we do in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  I think “amazed” is the right word.  We affirm that there is a place, amidst this swirling, busy and often chaotic world, to sit (sometimes lay on the psychoanalytic couch) and think about one’s life.

There is so much going on out there.  Great things, amazing things.  But also much that is wrong, needs attention, changing.  So much hostility.  So many people in dire need.  So much injustice and inequality.  And so many hapless and misdirected political leaders (particularly now).

So, amid the constant clatter of the world, to step inside (literally) and look at one’s life. To take time and reflect with another person. What is happening in one’s life?  What needs attention? What blocks are there?  Unhelpful patterns?  In essence, how can one be more of oneself?

And, of course, through answering those questions, one can better reenter the world and make a difference — on a big political scale, or in the ordinary, everyday interactions with others.  In this way, this process of psychotherapy is a political act.

I feel so grateful to be a part of this conversation, this process, every day.  I see the results of it every day.  Amazing!

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