Just Breathe

One more word about techniques for helping to reduce stress during these tense, economically challenging times. Breathe. Take time to consciously breathe in and out. Research has shown that breathing is an excellent stress buster. In fact, it seems that breathing and stress cannot co-exist: during that moment, when you inhale, the stress is gone. Well, at least for that moment. As we all know too well, it comes back. But those moments count.

I have found when working with clients who are experiencing a great deal of anxiety and stress, their breathing tends to be shallow. Sometimes they aren’t breathing at all! So when feeling stressed-out, take some time to do what comes naturally: breathe.

Even a few seconds of taking in strong, deep breaths can be helpful. If you have a little more time, you might try some diaphragmatic breathing. This is a slow and deliberate process of breathing in some very deep breaths through the nose –feeling the chest and stomach expand – holding the breath for a few seconds and then exhaling fully through the mouth. And repeating this process a few times.

We live in very unpredictable times. And while there may be little that we can do about the plummeting economy, there is something we can do when stressed. And that’s to breathe.

This will my last posting of the year. So happy holidays to all and best wishes for the new year!

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