Group Therapy in San Francisco, CA: Effective Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Group psychotherapy provides another way for people to address their issues and foster change. Currently, I facilitate a psychotherapy group for people dealing with depression called “Living with Depression.” This on-going coed group meets weekly and provides a safe and supportive environment for those suffering from depression to address their issues and feel less alone in their struggles.

Often people who are experiencing symptoms of depression and severe anxiety feel isolated, as if they are the only ones feeling this way. Too often they are told, sometimes from caring family members or friends who just do not know how to help or what to say, to “Buck up” or “Snap out of it.” In this group, people explore personal issues and feelings while receiving valuable support from others who know what it is like. As one participant said, it is an hour and a half each week when a group member can truly be his or her authentic self.

Through group discussion and interaction, group members:

  • Feel less isolated, more supported and understood
  • Better understand types of depression and manage their symptoms
  • Practice interpersonal skills and examine relationship issues
  • Experience and express feelings, particularly anger, appropriately
  • Identify and replace old coping strategies and negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself

(Michael Korson, MFT is a Certified Group Psychotherapist with the
National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists. )

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