End of the Year Thoughts

In many ways, for many people, it has been a difficult year. The economy continues to present serious challenges to individuals and families. People struggle to maintain their homes, their jobs. Indeed our entire country and our collective sense of resurgence and recovery have been threatened and battered. There have been this year terrible natural disasters; oil spills destroying fragile ecosystems and a massive nuclear accident whose consequences may not be known for years or decades to come. And there have been profound losses of those famous and those not so famous, but dear and loved.

And this year in particular there has been a great deal of change. Change as manifested by the revolutionary spirit that shook the world with the overthrow of long-time tyrannical leaders. Change which is Time magazines person of the year: the protestor. That same spirit that flourished across the globe can be found closer to home as well. And there have been changes, big and small, all profound, that I have witnessed with my clients this year.

Change, as we all know, is rarely easy. It brings with it uncertainty, new roads to travel, risks along the way. From my vantage point, however, having witnessed individuals and couples take those new roads through the work of psychotherapy, I remain as ever hopeful and optimistic. While it may not always be smooth sailing (I’m beginning to mix my metaphors), it is comforting and reassuring to know that change is possible, through hard work, commitment, and that revolutionary spirit that can be felt not just in nations but in the human heart as well.

Happy new year to all!

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