Developing a Web Presence

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, I’m participating in a panel discussion for therapists on developing a web presence. I thought I would share some of my ideas. Clearly the web is a presence in every aspect of human existence these days, including psychotherapy. Often the first contact that someone will have with me will be virtually – that is, through my website. I like to speak to people over the phone quickly in the process of getting to know one another. But often that doesn’t happen until after someone has “met” me through my website.

So it’s important that the site not only look good but reflect an accurate sense of who I am. I have tried to do that in both images and words. I chose the photographs that are on my site in order to convey my thoughts about therapy. There are photos of birds in flight (symbolizing a sense of personal freedom when clients work through old restricting behaviors and views of themselves) and of bridges connecting people (hopefully symbolizing the greater sense of connection to others and oneself that comes from a successful therapy). And I chose the words that describe my work with individuals, couples and groups to offer my approach and philosophy behind my work. I hope that someone feels like they have begun to get a sense of me from viewing my site.

I know that there are many psychotherapists in the Bay Area to choose from. And I know that the choice is a deeply personal one, often based on the connection that someone feels from the first meeting. In the internet age that connection begins on the web, but does not end there. I am not a proponent of internet therapy (which will probably be rapidly developing). Psychotherapy is above all else about the relationship that is created between therapist and client. I think it is important to sit face to face with my clients as we forge that relationship.

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